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How to make your dick bigger – the ultimate guide

A survey done among various age groups of men show that most men with an average penis size are actually concerned with their size and want to make their dick bigger. While most women feel that the size of the penis does not affect the quality of sex, but a bigger one is surely appealing and more masculine. However, men with a bigger penis size have a high self-esteem and feels more confident when satisfying a woman. Fortunately, there are many ways that may help you resolve the issue. Read on to know how to make your dick bigger.

#1 Exercise
Penis exercises are one of the best and natural ways for increasing its length as well as the girth. It is beneficial for men who have problems with erection. These exercises promote blood circulation and strengthen the pubic muscles for a lasting erection. With a regular exercise, the length of the penis will gradually grow and make you feel more confident in bed. To start off, you have to first clean off the pubic hair and lubricate it adequately. It is to ensure that the hair is not damaged during an exercise and does not make you uncomfortable. Here are a few exercises that may help you with results varying from person to person.

* Stretching
Stretching your penis with your hands for a few seconds will help in gradually increasing it length. It is important to know that stretching will not affect the girth of the penis. This is not a quick solution for a smaller penis as the result achieve is gradual, but the effect is permanent. Stretching your dick with hands at least 4 days a week may bring in significant changes in a few weeks time.

Jelqing is another popular penis enlargement exercise that works in a natural way to provide you a bigger size. It is done using your hands and the motion is similar to milking the cow. The exercise can be done when your penis is in an erect state. Make a big “O” using your thumb and the forefinger holding the penis at the bottom. Now gently move your hands from bottom to top without sliding it. You may use lubricants to make the exercise easier, but you will need to clean your penis after this. Jelqing can also be done without any lubrication when the penis is dry.

* Kegel Exercises
Though Kegel exercises are popular among women for tightening their pelvic muscles, it is equally beneficial for men in increasing the length and girth of the penis. Kegel exercise also reduces erectile problems and helps you to hold the erection for longer. The exercise helps in strengthening the PC muscles which gradually increase strength and stability. Simultaneous contraction and relaxation of the PC muscles will boost blood flow to the penis making it larger naturally.

#2 Pumps and Extenders
Penis pumps are another way to attain faster penis growth. The pumps can be used by almost anyone though the results may last only for some time and are temporary. It works by creating a vacuum in the pump tube to pool more blood in the penis. You need to put a ring at the bottom of your penis for not allowing the blood to escape. Since it becomes fully engorged with blood, the penis instantly appears larger in length as well as girth. The effect is temporary and fades away once you put away the ring. On the other hand, penis extenders are physical devices that fasten around the bottom and around the glans to extend the length in between. When a gradual force is applied, new tissue develops in the penis due to traction and make it larger in length and circumference.

#3 Enlargement Sprays
Penis enlargements sprays are the quickest and cheapest way to get a bigger dick. You just need to spray the solution on your penis just before having sex for a larger and thicker penis in minutes. It is suitable for those having problems with erections and holding it for a longer. Younger men mostly find themselves having problems with holding the erection for longer, which may affect both the partners and can be quite annoying. The spray contains a chemical lidocaine that desensitizes the penis and causes a mild numbness. Since you have reduced sense, you are likely to hold the erection for longer.

#4 Pills
There are numerous brands of pills manufactured for penis enlargement, all claiming to provide real results. Choosing the right one can be difficult. Though such pills may help you to have a larger dick, the results are often achieved with its long-term use. Moreover, the results may vary largely from person to person. It is best to talk with your health care provider to know if they are safe for consumption and are worth trying it.

#5 Penis Enlargement Surgery
A surgery may help you to get a bigger dick with positive and permanent results. But the procedure may involve high cost and can be painful for some. With so many other enlargement ways present, a man with average penis size would definitely avoid any surgery for increasing the penis size. But if you have an extremely smaller size or other conditions that hinder with your sexual activities, a surgery may prove to be beneficial. It is best to talk with your doctor to understand the results and risks involved in a surgery.

#6 Natural Remedies
There are a few natural remedies that help in increasing the penis size and provides you an effective way on how to make your dick bigger. Try including Ginko Biloba in your diet for a natural penis enlargement. Ginger is also used since ages to increase the length of the penis while reducing erectile problems. It helps in increasing the blood circulation to the organs which help in making it bigger. Pumpkin seeds also induce blood flow to the penis and must be included in your daily diet. Cayenne pepper may not only spice up your food but also help in making your dick bigger. Since it improves the blood flow to the penis, including it in your diet can bring positive results. Besides, consuming dark chocolate will boost your energy and blood flow for attaining a bigger dick.