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How to get rid of snoring fast and naturally – 6 effective ways

The sound we make through our sinuses,  snoring, is natural and very common, though still awkward to many people and they are always willing to try any possible means to get rid of it. Those who share bedroom, especially couples find it bothersome and discomforting. One can get rid of this awkward loud sound with the tips shown below.

Before any method is tried out, first it is good to diagnose the snore. Different snoring habits result due to different reasons. For example those who snore with open mouth could be as a result of sinus problem or sleeping position. For those who sleep with closed mouths, high chances is that the tongue is the cause. After diagnosis, it is these causes that are to be addressed


They say prevention is better than cure, the snoring habit has its causes which can be traced and used to prevent it. For one who would seriously want to solve the snoring issue, the perfect solution to it is to prevent it. Snoring results from narrowed airway and relaxed throat muscles, these conditions become when we consume certain foods and drinks such as alcohol, coffee, fatty food and take sleeping pills too, especially before going to bed. Smoking is also another cause of snoring, especially among chain smokers.

For one who has been diagnosed and found to be snoring because of lifestyle habits. The easy way is to change the lifestyle, it might not be easy but it is the best way to go. By avoiding fatty foods, alcohol or smoking and pills, the airway shall not be narrowed neither will there be a problem with throat muscles, and the problem shall be solved.

Humid Environment and properly hydrated.

Snoring also occur due to less moistened environment. This applies both for the outward environment and even inside our breathing system. Our environment, probably bedroom must remain moist so should our breathing paths. Letting them remain dry shall result to snoring.

To avoid snoring, one may decide and use humidifier to keep the room moistened. Keeping our body moist by drinking a lot of water always, and before going to bed is also important to prevent snoring. One can also take shower before bed. Since alcohol also dehydrates the body, it ought to be avoided before bed.

Change Sleeping Position

Those who snore with their mouth opens, chances are is because they have a problem with their sleeping posture. If the sleeping position is the problem then, one must begin by working on the posture to solve the habit.

The main reason why our sleeping position does result to snoring is because it does interfere with the tongue position. When the tongue rests at the back, it blocks the airwave and then results to snoring. Sleeping on the side is therefore best recommended to prevent the tongue from resting and the back. Or one should use a lot of pillow that properly positions the head, making the tongue not to roll backward.

Address Nasal Problems

Nasal congestion blocks the air from freely flowing, this extra pressure inserted to let air flow result to the awkward sound. Nasal congestion can be cleared by taking decongestants, which thereafter clears the nose, leading to the end of snoring during sleep.

One can also choose to have a nasal rinse. The process totally flushes out mucus that might have blocked the air channel.

In case the nasal problem is chronic, it is better to see your doctor, who will be able to prescribe a permanent solution. Which would be able to get rid of the snoring.


Lastly, even though snoring is a physical condition, talking to people forms part of the solving it. Talking to a partner is key since the problem could have resulted from certain life habits. Lifestyle habits sometimes is not very easy to drop such as drinking and smoking, unless you talk to someone and have their advice. This is why seeking counsel from someone close to you tie is important.

And Finally: Chin Straps

Chin straps are the new kid on the block, and they are getting more popular with each passing day. Basically you tie a strap to your chin and sleep with it over night. chin strap have been very successful as we said before, and they offer at least partial relief. From all the chin straps in the market we recommend my snoring solutions which is by far the best one.

Medical doctors can also provide counselling since they
have handled a lot of patients with similar problem, and are always willing
to give workable solutions to those with a similar snoring problem.

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