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Pain Relief for Children

Pain is the worst thing a normal person will want to feel. Some can be left in tears if the pain is very intense and some pains are easy to cop up with. Let’s take for example; back ache can be dealt with in a matter of a short time, and some pain like when you cut yourself on the hand using a machete you won’t be able to bare the pain. There are many ways you can deal with the pain so that you can regain your comfort. Some people will sort the use of painkillers and others will prefer prescribed drugs from a qualified doctor. Children are not left out when it comes to feeling pain. When a child feels some pain, there are many drugs that can help relief the pain for the child. This pain relief for children is made to suite the body of a young human.

If a kid experiences some pain, you should first measure the degree of the pain the child is experiencing. This will help you know what kind of medication you are going to give the child. There are many ways you can use to measure the child’s pain since a young child won’t be able to directly communicate about what he or she is feeling. Some children will respond to what they are feeling by crying groaning of moaning. It is important to see how the child responds to the pain. The look of the kid should also be examined. Some will look tired and others sweaty, flushed or pale. The behavior of the child should also be noted and if the child is old enough, try to let him or her say what he or she feels. Once you have known what the child if experiencing, there are two types of pain relieving medications you should use:

First, you can decide to use give them Paracetamol which is a non-opioid pain reliever. Paracetamol helps to reduce the intensity of pain that a child is feeling. These drugs don’t really make the cause of the pain go away but if somehow reduces the pain. Paracetamol can also help the child sleep easily if their pain is caused by sore throat, broken bone or ear infection. Another non-opioid pain reliever you can use is the NSAIDs standing for Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs help in reducing the swelling and redness of an injured area on the body. You can also go for an injection from a doctor on the injured place to reduce the pain.

Apart from using the non-opioids, you can decide to use the opioid pain relievers. These include Codeine, Tramadol and Morphine which are usually used to relieve cough and treat moderate pain. Codeine can also be used to treat a case of diarrhea for children under the age of 12. These drugs should only be prescribed by a well-trained doctor and again these drugs can be harmful to the children if not handled carefully. It is important that you don’t use these opioid medicines too much on your child because they can become addictive.

Some drugs like Oxycodone can be used to relieve moderate pains in children but can become a disaster if they are over used. First of all they may cause dizziness, nausea, anxiety, fatigue and constipation if the child is given and then left to play around. A drug like Hydrocodone works the same way as Oxycodone but the time taken for them to do their work is different. And the side effects if overused are the same.


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