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How to Make Your Periods Come Faster?

How to Make Your Periods Come Faster

There are lots of reasons why a woman may want her period to come sooner. Maybe she is tired of PMS and wants it to start as soon as possible. Maybe she is going on a holiday in next five days and she wants it to be over by the time she departs. Or maybe she is worried that she might be pregnant and she just wants proof that she isn’t.

So how to make your period come faster?
Sadly, there isn’t any proven way to induce periods. It is a natural method that cannot be controlled. Never the less, certain lifestyles choices can make your body to start menstruating faster.

Taking herbs
Emmenagogues herbs can make your periods to start earlier. Examples of these herbs are ginger and parsley, and they can both make your uterus to expand, especially if your periods come late due hormonal imbalances. You should take one to two cups of ginger or parsley with tea.

Being around other women
You should be around other women. Often, close pals, or even workmates harmonize their menstrual cycles to start and end at the same time. This technique isn’t well understood, but lots of women have reported success with it.

Engaging in sexual intercourse
Sex boosts the flow of blood to your vagina and thus makes it to contract. After sex, the vagina contracts and thus triggers the shedding of lining. The other advantage of sex is that it contains hormones which make your cervix to be soft – the 1st step in the process of menstruation. 

Taking vitamin C
Another great method of how to make your period come faster is to take vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in production of estrogen in your body which builds your uterine lining, contract your uterus and then lead to periods. You can take high quantities of vitamin C from supplements or other natural sources like lemon, green tea, orange or parsley. Ensure that you aren’t expecting when you begin taking high doses of these products as they can lead to a miscarriage.

Reducing stress
One of the main reasons why your periods might delay is stress; therefore, before you try any of the other methods, you should try to relax to reduce your stress. For example, taking or soaking in a hot tub can relax your body and make your menstrual come faster.

Going to GYNO
Ever like your menstrual cycle begins when you want to visit your GYNO? This is real. Because most ladies bleed for about 4 to 6 days an there 30 to 31 days in a month, there is a 16 percent chance you will get your periods when you’re seeing your doctor. However, this is just a theory which might not be true.

Maintaining healthy weight
Ladies who have lots of fat cells in their bodies often have a lot of estrogen circulating. On the contrary, skinny ladies might not have the right estrogen levels to support this process. Both situations can make your body to function abnormally and lead to period irregularities.

You should never induce your menstrual cycle if you suspect you might be pregnant. Receiving period doesn’t always mean that you aren’t pregnant; it can be a sign of an early miscarriage.

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