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How to stop your period early

How to stop your period early

Having menses is usually a messy affair for most women. This is because having a period causes inconveniences especially for the modern woman who is highly involved in demanding activities such as sports and business meetings. Apart from these, women often experience unpleasant effects that accompany menses such as headaches, bloating and cramping. If you are seeking for ways and means of dealing with your menses, here is how to stop your period early:


Taking Aleve is a popular method for women who intend to stop or delay having their periods. Apart from stalling the onset of menses, it is also used to relieve complications that accompany periods including pains and cramps.


Taking 1 dose 3-4 times a day while being careful not to exceed the maximum dosage helps in mitigating the effect of a painful period. It also reduces the flow by more than 50 percent. Apart from managing complications that come with your menses; ibuprofen has been known to stop menses in some women.

Red raspberry tea

This herbal concoction is known to be full of benefits for women’s reproductive health. Some of these benefits include stalling the period early before it begins. While raspberry has many benefits, it is important to consult your physician before taking red raspberry since it has been known to interfere with the body’s blood sugar concentration.


Birth control methods such as injections and pills are known to alter the menstrual cycle. Actually, contraceptives are considered among the best approaches for stopping periods. Contraceptives will not only assist you to control conception but also provide a long term techniques for stopping your period early.

Pills are the most basic methods for stopping your period as long as they are taken regularly and according to physician’s direction. Oral contraceptives involve taking contraceptive pills for 21 days followed by 7 days of placebo pills. Basically you receive your periods during the 1 week when you are on placebo pills.

If you intend to regulate or skip your periods, you can achieve this by skipping the placebo pills and continuing with the actual pills. In some instances this can result in unpleasant effects. Once you stop taking the pills, your menses resume.

Though oral contraceptives are ideal for stopping or regulating menses, you should never take them without consulting your physician.


Regular exercise is among the well-known techniques on how to stop your period early. Women who work out regularly usually experience fewer complications, lighter and shorter periods. In some instances, sporty women with less body fat may not even have periods; however missing periods when you have not conceived or used any other method to stall the process may be a sign of anemia.


By now you know that water is good for your general well being. What you may never have known is that this universal beverage is great for shortening your period. Water assists the body to flush out everything quickly including your menses. In addition drinking plenty of water (about 6-8 glasses daily) will help in relieving bloating and cramping. And while you are at it, avoid alcohol and caffeine as they will add to the adverse effects during your menses.

Balanced diet

Eating healthy balanced meals daily is good for shortening your menses and dealing with the accompanying complications. Green beans have been singled out for being highly effective in stopping menses or making them shorter and lighter.

Fruits and vegetables

Consuming a generous helping of fruits and vegetables tends to lighten your periods. Some women claim that sucking on a lemon temporarily stops their period.


Gelatin is an effective method of stopping periods for a day or two. For maximum effect, mix a packet of gelatin in a glass of water and drink in one go. Your menses will be delayed by about 24-48 hours.

Ultimately, it is important to know that every woman is unique. This means that even with all the above approaches on how to stop your period early, some techniques may work effectively for you compared to others. Just because a particular technique worked for your friend does not mean that it will work effectively for you as well. Here the secret is to keep searching until you identify one or two techniques that work well for you without causing unpleasant effects.

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